CCIE Training (R&S)

ccie training in Thailand

  • Complete CCIE training: Ver 5

    The world's only complete training for the Cisco CCIE lab exam. 100% preparation for the CCIE exam. Pass the lab directly after our intensive and thorough CCIE training!

    • 8 or 12 (8+4) weeks format (Complete CCIE training)

    The 8 / 12 (8+4) weeks CCIE training program consists of:
    4 weeks: CCIE technologies training
    4 weeks: CCIE Lab exam preparation: Full day labs, trouble tickets, etc. - all you need to be able to pass the CCIE lab exam
    4 weeks: Self study with time-to-time* trainer support.
    This is not part of your formal training, but should you opt for the 12 weeks program, our trainers will be around to support you, solve your doubts related to the labs / troubleshoot the labs for you during this last 4 weeks. Please note this will not be dedicated time with the trainers. They will be around in the same facility and may even have other training during this time, and would come and help you from time to time during this phase. You will also have the benefit of the group being around in the premises during this phase and we have seen this can be very helpful.

    Eligibility: 8/12 (8+4) week program: Complete CCIE training:

    Sound knowledge of CCNP. Taking CCIE Written exam prior to training is beneficial so that you can plan your lab dates when you are in the second phase of training (usually by week 6-8 we should be able to assess your readiness for the CCIE lab exam).

    Recommended reading:

    Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1- 2nd edition, Volume 2: Jeff Doyle, Jennifer Carroll. Cisco Press.
    If you have already taken your CCIE Written, then you need to only focus on understanding the concepts explained in the book. Some participants have found some technical stuff like exact IP packet structures, etc. a little overwhelming or difficult. These may be skipped if found so without being discouraged or demotivated from reading further. 


We strive for 100% satisfaction for everyone who takes this CCIE Routing and Switching Lab training program. Based on expectations of people in earlier batches and a thorough assessment by our expert CCIE trainers about what needs to be done to make the program more effective, the 12 (8+4) weeks Complete CCIE training program has been significantly modified from June 2012 onwards.

Changes introduced with VER 5 of the CCIE R&S exam:
Now Weeks 9-12 come with more mentoring, much more trainer support and mock labs designed to give you a feel of the CCIE R&S lab exam and also bring you face to face with your own exam readiness so that you can use that as a basis of planning your CCIE lab exam date.

The theme is still “self practice with trainer support”, however, we have increased our CCIE team size to offer you a increased commitment to you in these 9-12 weeks so that the trainers are now available to you on a far greater basis than earlier.

This training is designed such that the candidate who meets the pre-requisites (sound knowledge of CCNP R&S + CCIE Qual) is ready for the CCIE lab exam at the end of 12 weeks and ready to tackle both the Lab and Trouble Tickets section comfortably. A candidate with the basic pre-requisite of sound CCNP level knowledge but not CCIE Qual is expected to need 2 more weeks to come to a level of being ready to take the CCIE Lab exam as compared to a candidate who has both sound knowledge of CCNP R&S and CCIE Written already passed.


Last 4 weeks of self study with trainer support phase:
Now offered with guaranteed trainer support in your self study phase:
Trainers will be physically onsite during this phase.
Please however note this phase involves time-to-time support and not support on demand. The trainers who are onsite may be taking some other batches at that time and will come occasionally to help you with stuff you are stuck or to clarify any remaining doubts. We will try our best to support you to the extent we can, but we wish to clarify that the support will be from “time to time” and not always “on demand”. This level of support should be more than adequate for most participants in these last 4 weeks.

Our effort is that you should need minimum trainer support in the last 4 weeks, having undergone 8 weeks of intensive and high quality training.
If we are, for any reason unable to offer you the last 4 weeks of trainer support at that time, we would present 2 refund options and you may decide on availing one of them.
1. If you do not want the last 4 weeks of the program: then the price of the 8 week program would be applicable.
2. At this point, in the unlikely event that we should not have a trainer physically onsite and you agree to with going ahead with classroom access for your self preparation where you have other CCIE participants who can be a mutual support group: Refund of $500

Extensions to the 12 week CCIE training program.
Often but not always, a participant would be ready to take his lab exam around the end of 12 weeks. In response to needs of participants who are not yet quite ready to take their exams, we now offer 4 week extensions with study room facility, and time-to-time trainer support in 4 week slots for a price of $400 per 4 weeks slot.

We have now set up exclusive study rooms for this purpose. These study rooms can be accessed from 8.30 am to 9.30 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 6 pm on weekends for participants who opt for our 4 week extensions.

Here you would not only have support from our trainers who would drop by from time to time to help you but also have have others preparing for the CCIE lab exam which would form an excellent study and support group which would be very beneficial when you are close to taking the CCIE exam. Also note that our trainers live in the same building and are happy to help to the extent they can. It’s quite normal that you would end up being good friends with them after spending so much time here. It is likely that even after office hours, you may find them dropping by to help you with your last minute doubts and exam preparation questions.