International Students

The advantages for international students for coming for training to Internetwork Solutions Thailand are many.

Advantages of choosing Internetwork Solutions:

  • Learn from the finest Cisco trainers and other IT trainers in the world. Our team includes 4 CCIE trainers and other subject matter experts!
  • Extremely low prices when compared to comparable training in America (USA / Canada) or Europe (UK, Germany, France, etc.). On average, Our course fees are approximately 25% of local fees in most of the countries listed above.
  • Packages include accommodation in quality hotels, breakfast and reimbursement of taxi fare to the hotel.

Advantages of choosing Thailand:

  • Far better country to take up training in than other countries often chosen for IT training. The friendliest people on earth and a country that knows how to welcome tourists. People considering training in India are always delighted that they can now travel to Thailand for training instead!
  • Visa free entry for most western countries in America, Europe, Australia & NZ, several Asian countries.
  • Lot of tourism opportunities.